VR in the hospital

With the support of VRT sandbox and in cooperation with JEF vzw and soulmade, we realised a VR experience to lift the spirits of children with extended hospital stays.

Together with the people from JEF we visited children at hospitals and a rehabilitation center. The audience we would be making the app for.

We got to know their day to day activities a bit and asked them about the scenarios they would like to experience in a VR waterworld.

They imagined funny little stories and drew us the creatures they imagined to see underwater.

Starting from their sketches, we made a bunch of 3D animated characters that they would later interact with in VR.

The environment and characters were rendered out in several layers. These were send to the talented team at soulmade. They programmed the app, compositing the layers so the kids could activate them using a VR headset.

Once the product was finalized, we got a chance to join one of the workshops. It was a very rewarding experience seeing the kids fully immersed in the VR world we created with them!

With the fantastic support of VRT sandbox and JEF and the expertise in VR that soulmade offerd, This project was a blast to work on!

Clients and Partners

  • JEF vzw
The app was featured on several news broadcasts
Link: Karrewiet Children's news program